Kevin De Weert (37) is leaving on Monday, with the Victor Campenaerts, and It is Of the Nut, at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS and training camps for tea and coffee. The temporary suspension of the team leader of the Lotto-Soudal, because of the dangers of excessive drinking at the start of the Vuelta a españa, is eliminated. “Kevin remains with us,” said CEO John Lelangue.

you can have A meal in the restaurant Link21 in Herentals, belgium, with CEO John Lelangue. This was to put an end to the suspension of Kevin De Weert. After you have a problem with alcohol abuse, not the first one in the Vuelta a españa, the team leader of the Lotto-Soudal to september 15th shall be suspended. The city of Weert is doing the action case by the corner, the dirty laundry of the fellow’s Marc Sergeant, Herman Frison, outside the walls. Something that not a single member of the staff at the good earth. The city of Weert has played has grown to become a martyr by proclaiming that he was “in itself would be a blow”.

During his suspension, he is actively looking for another job. So, he sent a message to Remco Evenepoel, with the question of whether that could be bring upon Deceuninck-Quick Step. But look at it. Just two weeks later, the folds are smoothed out. Monday’s attracts Repels Victor Campenaerts, and It is Of the Nut, to Yorkshire, where they have a villa for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS time trial, will be prepared. Previously, The city of Weert also, in Mexico, during the successful werelduurrecordpoging. At first Campenaerts that time in Yorkshire, out of its own resources to pay for it, but to Lotto-Soudal and will now be in the middle of the expensive training to pay. “The Victor is until the end of december, our rider, and It will drive again next year in the us. So, we want to be, that they should be able to prepare for,” said Lelangue.

It also Repels cycle, for Lelangue, of course. “Kevin has, in the past, all of the results obtained with the approach and that will, in the future, for us to do so. After his suspension, bekendraakte, I said to myself that I could keep up with him. We have had over the last few weeks, a number of times and spoken to. Kevin has assured me that such incidents in the future, it will be done.” Or, Lotto-Soudal, The fends off claims that it is possible to handle, it will Lelangue could not be confirmed, “That’s between me and Kevin.” However, what is clear is that De Weert and not, as the supervisor of the work will go on, just like the team. “It was in this role that he created for us to progress and we are confident that he will make us even more of the results you will deliver, says Lelangue. Case closed .

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