Osbourne shared an unsolicited email from a national publication on his Instagram account.

Kelly Osbourne is very open about her personal health and fitness.

She revealed last year that she had a gastric-sleeve procedure which helped lose 85 pounds . The reality TV star also spoke out about her relapse with alcohol in the early part of this year.

However, the 37-year old has not invited anyone to speak on those topics for her. A message she shared to her Insta stories shows that she doesn’t accept speculation or comments about her body in tabloids.

She posted a screenshot of an email that she received to her Instagram account, with the caption “This is how I deal with everyday.”

According to the email, National Enquirer is “preparing to publish a story that reports Kelly Osbourne has gained a lot of weight since she lost a lot earlier in the year.”

The email closes by inviting her to reply with a statement to Dan Dolan, Enquirer editor-in-chief. TODAY reached out to Dan Dolan and the National Enquirer to verify the email, but have not heard back. Osbourne suggested that her social media followers could respond to the publication in her place.

A slide from her Instagram story stated that Dan could email her and ask what he thinks about fat shaming. TODAY reached Osbourne to get more information on the email but did not receive a response.

Osbourne then updated her Instagram account to tell her followers why she felt the message was so painful.

“This year was the most difficult year of my entire life. I was compliantly and utterly broke. “I am still trying to put myself together again,” said the Instagram story.

Osbourne ended her story with the news that she considered important in a conversation about well-being.

“I am happy. “I am happy and healthy, that is all that matters.”