Opening of the border on 3. June – Keller-Sutter has to make with the Italy of the Confederation is preparing for a unilateral opening of the border in Italy. In case of emergency, he can send the Immigrants to the quarantine.Markus Häfliger2 Kommentare2Uneinig about the opening of the border: Italy’s interior Minister, Luciana Lamorgese (left) and councillor Karin Keller-Sutter in Rome in October 2019.Photo: PD

Also on the borders of normality is getting closer a bit. The Federal Council has decided on further steps for a controlled opening of the border. But with Italy he has a Problem.

a week Ago, the Italian government has announced that, surprisingly, the borders are already at the 3. To open June complete. So Italy is trying to save the summer business of the tourism sector. However, this Plan, the Federal Council granted now officially a cancellation. You have communicated to her Italian counterpart, Luciana Lamorgese on Monday, “the Switzerland border to Italy on the 3rd of June is not yet open,” said Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter.

But what happens if Italy holds on to its unilateral border opening?

The Switzerland could be travelers from Italy without valid reasons still not in Switzerland to enter the country. Excluded from the entry stop, the Italian cross-border commuters remained as before.

radical measures, Switzerland currently cannot prevent unlikely

on the other hand would their citizens to leave the country. A Problem such Italy could get travelers, however with the return. Swiss citizens may enter the country in any case. You would have to pull but you may “border Anita gastric measures” as the means to authorities in English. The introduction of such measures, the Federal Council has empowered the health Minister Alain Berset on Wednesday by emergency legislation regulation.

Based on this, the Switzerland can demand of immigrants from Italy (or from other high risk countries), at any time, the person is an alien or a medical certificate. The border officials could also be instructed, the Immigration authorities, under quarantine, to send you to the doctor or in a hospital ward. All of these measures are in accordance with the epidemic law. The more radical of these measures are currently unlikely to be the case, said a connoisseur of the dossier. A mandatory Quarantine is the maximum conceivable if it would be in Italy, to a new larger Corona outbreak.

Soon you will be here again more: customs in Campocologno, GR.Photo: Gian Ehrenzeller (Keystone)

Also Keller-Sutter tried in front of the media, the Situation does not escalate. We strive to continue to be a coordinated opening of the border. They have their counterpart for the 15. June suggested. But Lamorgese have explained, Italy strut continues to the 3. June. You stay still in the conversation, was Keller-Sutter hopeful.

From a Swiss point of view rather fix the following opening steps:

On 8 are planned on the borders currently. June is to be made to the Persons freedom of movement to some extent. From this date, all applications for a work permit from the EU are processed-foreigners as well as workers from third countries.15. June will be eliminated, with all the travel restrictions compared to Germany, France and Austria. As the only neighboring country of Italy is the exception so far.For the 6. July is seeking the Federal Council of the restoration of full freedom of movement of persons and of the full freedom to travel within the Schengen area.0 comment please Login to comment