for example, If the first bank in the country wants to be KBC, its clients, they are open on Sundays to assist you. The act of union membership decline, but this is also where the negotiations are still on with the scheme, the job losses, which earlier this month announced that it was. That is reported by The News on Saturday.

The bank’s insurance company wants a few of the dozens of people on Sunday to put in the call. The executive associate to the proposal in the talks on a new collective bargaining agreement, which would commence on the 2nd of January. In this year of the old agreement and they will lose more than 14,000 employees all of the benefits of the previous time level. It is calculated on a collective bargaining agreement, which is very important for the soon-to-be jobverlies. At the beginning of this month, he made the KBC announced that it will be in the three-year period of time through the natural course of 1400 ‘normal’ jobs will go away. It should be discussed what are the liabilities of the bank in respect of the employees whose job is redundant, it is.

And that is important, negotiations are now set for the Sunday service. Especially with the liberal FEDERATION was represented by. The socialist and christian trade unions have set themselves a less hard-on. To a collective bargaining agreement is not signed by all the parties of the need for increased flexibility at work, however. So in 2015, though a similar proposal is made by KBC, but it was ultimately a collective agreement was signed without the FEDERATION, and was killed in action in the Sunday work.

“Great experiment”:

In a written response to the article, it says that the bank has is that it’s going to be a limited experiment, for zondagsopening. A limited number of staff in the KBC-Live for the customers, they are open on Sundays to serve. The experiment was run for the duration of the collective agreement-the Employment, on a voluntary basis to the employees, and additional compensation. Further, this experiment, together with the employees ‘ representatives are to be evaluated with respect to whether or not continuation of it, what it sounds like. KBC calls it, which enhanced flexibility is a “logical next step”.