Katie Holmes Shocked by Revelation of Secret ‘Dawson’s Creek’ WhatsApp Group

Katie Holmes recently expressed her surprise at the news of a long-running ‘Dawson’s Creek’ WhatsApp group chat that she was not aware of. In an interview with The Times, Holmes, who played Joey Potter in the hit 1990s teen series, revealed that she is not an avid user of the messaging app.

The actress mentioned that she occasionally keeps in touch with her former castmates Joshua Jackson, James Van Der Beek, and Michelle Williams through texting, but was unaware of the existence of a group chat dedicated to the show.

Holmes reflected on her time on ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and how it influenced her fashion sense, crediting the series for educating her on the meaning behind clothing choices for characters. She emphasized how costume designers helped her understand the significance of wardrobe in portraying a character’s essence.

Despite the busy schedules of the cast members, Holmes acknowledged the lasting bond she shares with her ‘Dawson’s Creek’ co-stars. She also highlighted the impact of the show on her career, revealing how it helped her navigate her teenage years and emotions through her character.

The actress expressed her amazement at the continued popularity of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ over two decades after its initial airing, attributing its enduring appeal to the relatable simplicity of the friendships portrayed on the show. Holmes, who is a mother to daughter Suri, remains grateful for her time on the series and the connections it has maintained with fans over the years.