At the publisher Aenne Burda like Katharina Wackernagel, she wanted to believed in women and give them self-confidence-through – beauty. Now the actress has taken on in a two-parter in the First, the role of the publisher; the second part of the film will be broadcast next Wednesday at 20.15. Katharina Wackernagel was born into a theatrical family. To the Interview, the forty-year-old girl without makeup and all in Black. Sometimes you have to think long about the answer. Her Laugh is warm-hearted.

Julia Schaaf

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

What you eat for Breakfast?

soybean curd with raspberries.

Where do you buy your clothes?

Second hand most of the time. I like the idea of depriving me this clothes in abundance. And that exchange, too. There is a nice Shop on oderberger Straße in Berlin: Loretta.

Lifts your mood, when you are shopping?

Yes. But I don’t go shopping to lift my mood.

What is the oldest piece of clothing is in your closet?

I’ve got shoes that were maybe 50 Times at the Schuster. Actually, they are, but I love you. There are millions of shoes – such Ur-ankle boots, narrow, with the heel, laced, think I still have nowhere to go.

What was your biggest fashion sin?

A messenger bag is made of red plush with a sunflower on it. Awful. But I’m sure I walked around a year, with 19.

Wear pants at home Jogging?

no, but comfortable pants, Leggings or so.

do you Have style role models?


Have you ever used a clothing or piece of furniture.

A shelf made of bricks and boards. To the chagrin of my friends who had to help me move, I had that too for a while.

you Have a complete Service?

I’ve inherited one from my grandma, but I never use it. The cups are too small.

what was the self-cooked food could impress you friends?

With every! Unless my friends are lying. I cook very, very happy, and I eat and enjoy the company of. To me it’s fun to invite people over to my house. If you then ask, whether you can provide wine, cheese, or olives, I say sometimes, everyone should bring a little history: a review of the movie, a joke, a holiday travel story. I have an old table that you can pull off triple, so that 22 people have space.

No history of F. A. miss: for example, the style at the Facebook and Instagram

What Newspapers and magazines do you read?

the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” or “mirror”, but both are much too rare.

What sites and Blogs do you read?

I consider myself with “Spiegel Online”. But Websites and Blogs I rarely visit. The Internet has become a platform, on which everyone gives the expression what he is thinking at the Moment – and mainly Negative–. This is me unfiltered.

when you have written the last hand-written letter?

last week, maybe? I write to me often with Girlfriends and my mother.

What book has impressed you the most?

“The corrections” by Jonathan Franzen, have touched me greatly. Although these family structures have nothing to do with my life, had I felt the need to tell my parents how much I love you.

What is your greatest Talent?

empathize Me in figures.

What is your biggest weakness?

impatience. Because you can time some Good sense: Passing time is negative, time is negative. You can speed up many things. Especially if you have a profession that is always associated with dependency and Wait, this is a really annoying feature.

What can make you a joy?

just Me antisocial things straight: for example, if you leave me in the morning until eleven o’clock in peace and not responsive. Although a bouquet of flowers is, of course, something Nice. But after eleven, please.

What is your best small talk topic?

If it is Smalltalk, it must be: This summer, the weather was the best theme.

Are you superstitious?

Oddly enough, Yes.