Karen Damen (44) and exits the channels Four and Five, and to get on to TV, reports the station. The former K3 singer gets a lot of assignments, they will join the ‘for the Love of music’, it is possible that a coach in ” The voice of senior’ and is given a supporting role in the Family.

He Applied for a dynamic nurse with a big mouth. That is the role of Karen Being in the longest running soap opera in the country. Not a short-term, but in a supporting role in the new storyline, this is it. He will be especially important in the lives of the characters, Benny, Albert, and Alphonse.

“The past six months, I have decided to take a sabbatperiode is inserted” said Damen. “But right now, I’m full of energy to get back in the house. I am sure that I am in a Family is an incredibly hot team, it will end up. Kürt Rogiers, I know, all of the Council , and Margot Hallemans so I know about to be born, so I’m familiar with a few of my future colleagues. Pretty exciting, all of you. The role of the Guy that I’m going to play it, tends to lean very, very heavily on who’s in the am. The beautiful, sweet, understanding, sympathetic nurse, play with, and that it must me a lie < / I> (laughs) .”

And it’s not just “Family”, for Ladies. In addition to, inter alia, André Hazes Jr. In the winter, and Gene Thomas is also one of the contestants on the new season of ” for the Love of music’. And, most likely, she is after Q3 search Q3″, and ” Belgium’s got talent,’ but also to re-member of the jury of a talent show: The voice, a senior this time around. “It feels really good at it,” she says. “I’m not allowed to re-sing, and act. And that is exactly what I have been for most of my life doing, and will do so.”

The all-star cast of for the Love of music’. Photo: for the Love of Music

over The past few years, Karen Being one of the tv back of the SBS-channels Four and Five. Along with her best friend, James Cooke, was she Camping, Karen & James’ and ‘the New neighbor’. Last year, there was also Karen to make an album, in which she was followed during her first attempt to break through as a solozangeres. 1).

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