Karan Johar’s Action-Packed Film ‘Kill’ Set to Hit Theatres in July

In exciting news for Bollywood fans, Karan Johar’s highly anticipated film ‘Kill’ is all set to release in Indian cinemas next month. The action-packed movie, starring Laksh Lalwani, will hit the big screens on July 5, as announced by Johar himself on his Instagram handle.

The film, directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat, promises to be a thrilling ride filled with intense martial arts sequences and high-octane action. Johar shared a glimpse of what to expect in ‘Kill’ through a series of posters, cautioning viewers about the violent content that may be intense and disturbing for some.

‘Kill’ had previously received rave reviews after its premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival, with critics praising the relentless action and gripping storyline. The movie follows a pair of commandos as they engage in a fierce battle against a group of bandits on a passenger train bound for New Delhi.

Fans of Bollywood and action films alike can mark their calendars for July 5, when ‘Kill’ will finally hit the silver screens across India. Get ready for a cinematic experience like never before with Karan Johar’s latest production that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.