Joe Kaeser has too many things to have an opinion. In comparison to most of the other top managers of Siemens boss does not hold behind the mountain, when he considers a subject for socially and politically relevant. The 61-year-old low-Bayer is aware that his Statements belonging offending.

Sven Astheimer

responsible editor for the company.

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in Addition, the feeling for the right moment goes out to him so many Times. So, for example, as a Kaeser to the selected circle of those captains of industry was one that participated during the world economic forum in Davos in January at a Dinner with the American President part. Not only that, Kaesers “equaled congratulations to the tax reform” of a tribute in front of the camera and on the Internet thanks to viral spreading rapidly for plenty of mockery and malice.

knee-deep in Davos Putting

With its announcement of a new Generation of gas turbines in the United States to build, what came across recognizable on the benevolence of Donald Trump, brought the Manager of the barrel in the home for many employees to Overflowing.

For a few months before that Kaeser had declared in so many words, that its gas turbine division suffered from the extremely difficult market situation and the group had to dismantle therefore of around 6900 Points, especially in the Eastern German plant of Görlitz. By the time election campaigns, the SPD candidate Martin Schulz Kaeser caught even the adjective “antisocial”.

Kaeser was standing knee-deep in Davos Putting in there helped also try subsequent Declaration that America would have to do plans with the needs of the economy in the home is really nothing. Especially since a few months later turned out that things were not so clear.

Because in may, Siemens is no longer announced, surprisingly, that the location of Görlitz deleted in the context of the group’s restructuring is now together for a while, but now even upgrade. The Homo politicus Joe Kaeser was because the public pressure is about to prevail? Can economic logic with a bit of good will operating trick in the end?

ryegrass against prosperity

It was not the last great performance by the 61-year-old Manager 2018. Around the same time, Kaeser put Rather on the short message service Twitter the following message:”, head-scarf-girl’, Bund Deutscher Mädel’. Mrs rye is detrimental to your nationalism, the Prestige of our country in the world. There, where the main source of German prosperity.“