A story born on a television set, 8 years ago. At that time, in 2014, Kad Merad was invited to tour the media for the promotion of his film Supercondriaque with Dany Boon. It was during his appearance on the show C à vous that he met Julia Vignali, replacing host Anne-Sophie Lapix, who was on leave during this period.

“The first time I approached her physically, that’s there. I won’t say after how it happened,” said comedian Kad Merad at the microphone of RTL, in 2019, in the show On redid the TV. Modest and reserved on the details of their meeting, the 50-year-old wanted to preserve their couple from media exposure. “And then we don’t necessarily highlight this story. We have a private life, children. And I don’t want to tell everything,” he confided in front of Éric Dussart and Jade.

As the saying goes so well “To live happily, live in hiding”, Kad Merad and Julia Vignali took care not to expose their couple. “It’s corny, isn’t it?”, assured his companion, some time later, still on RTL in March 2022, adding. “As much as he was funny before knowing me, as much as I was doing stuff before knowing him too. So fortunately, I exist without my companion, and I think that is one of the things that he also liked about me”.

For the ex-host of My secret admirer, this idyll allowed them to form a large blended family with their respective children. “Between the two of us, we are almost 100 years old. We are an old couple but we are lucky to be a young couple in our heads”, confided the beautiful quadra in Gala in 2018, and to refute any desire to enlarge the tribe. “So we’re going to take advantage of this new youth that love brings us, but it’s not going to lead to a new birth. No announcement on the horizon”.

According to information from Here, Julia Vignali and Kad Merad were married on November 26, 2022 in a very intimate ceremony. According to our colleagues, only the mayor and the couple’s witnesses were present. Kalil, the son of Kad Merad and Luigi, the son of Julia Vignali would not have made the trip. Information that the couple has not yet confirmed.

From television to cinema, via red carpets, Oliver Baroux’s sidekick and Thomas Sotto’s colleague in Télématin appear united and united in the face of photographers. Anthology of some shots of the couple to discover in our slideshow.