A new teen drug of America alerted the Federal government and health experts. “Juul” is a strong nicotine-containing E-cigarette, is sold recently in Germany, and has a high potential for addiction. Doctors warn in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper of an entry-level drug for young people, the policy checks for defensive measures.

The sale of Juul to minors is prohibited. However, spread the product in America and within a very short time as an “epidemic”. There, every fourth young person of evaporated soon. Many are nicotine-dependent.

The German government drugs Commissioner, Marlene Mortler, announces the F. A. S. to do everything possible so that the threatening development in America in this country will not be repeated. “The market has been the introduction of Juul to be a Disaster for the health of hundreds of thousands of young people who had never before had a cigarette in Hand,” said Mortler. “We need to look carefully, whether the current upper limit for the nicotine is in order.” This is in the EU at 20 milligrams per Milliliter. In America, the value is almost three times as high.

The manufacturer itself warns

Despite the weaker dosage in Germany Josef Kahl from the German Association of child and youth doctors, sees a great danger, “Juul among school students is going on here, just like in America”. The fruity-sweet varieties and the stylish slim Design, a lot like a USB Stick, meet perfectly the taste of the Teens.