Just in time for the Feast of love: Before Christmas, a lot of los on roads, rails and in the air


    At the Start of the Christmas holidays, it is likely to go on Hesse’s highways around. As the transport authority of Hesse announced on Wednesday, is to be expected with increased vehicle traffic on the main travel routes. This applies for example for next Friday, “where commuters and travellers in the Rhine-Main conurbation meet”.

    On Saturday are the commuters of the road. For the travel but increases traffic. On the streets in the urban areas, it is likely to be to this day fully appreciate the professionals. The auto club ADAC announced in its congestion forecast for highway 3, which leads, among other things, through the Rhine-Main-area. With a high traffic density of the ADAC is also expected on highway 5 when it was Bacher triangle and on the A 7 near Kassel.

    On Christmas eve and on Christmas day (Monday and Tuesday) will it split and then are expected to return to quiet on Hesse’s roads, Hessen Mobil. In the course of the second Christmas holiday of-holiday traffic is likely to come into the roles. The authority assumes that the traffic is relaxed on the Hessian roads in the further course of the holiday. With increased risk of Congestion we expect to two travel weekends of 5. and 6. January and on 12. and 13. January.

    number of passengers increases

    When the Christmas holidays start, it has increased the number of passengers in air transport. Thus, the airport operator Fraport recommends an early arrival to the Terminals. No later than three hours prior to departure passengers should also business travellers – Check-in. Waiting times at the security check could be done with as little hand Luggage kept to a minimum, advises Fraport to all travelers. It would be useful to the rules of formalities – such as passport and customs issues, as well as a car Park booking via the Internet.