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Just Gosalbes was predestined to the sea and the boats. His father was a Merchant Marine and he instilled the passion for the medium. Had No doubts and his entire professional career has been related to the international transport in all its facets. Now it takes 10 years in the company Peters & May Ltd which is one of the most important companies in the world of transport nautical. Many customers rely on their equipment for the transport of your boat for your professionalism, punctuality, honesty and in his ability to treat the ships as goods as fragile as a porcelain.

How do I start moving racing boats all over the world?

I have thirty years within the international logistics working in all its aspects. From a young age I have always surfed, and I have worked in topics related with the sea. Twenty years ago I started with the logistics compass by moving smaller boats to land in Spain and since then I have grown within the sector being increasingly involved in larger projects and ambitious.

do You also benefited from that edition of the Cup in Valencia in 2007?

The America’s Cup was for me a opening to major objectives within the world of logistics in the nautical. Until 2007 I was working in international races as the Trophy of the Queen or of the World Rolex. The arrival of the Cup opens over the city of Valencia and jobs in logistics are growing on a larger scale. Once in the Copa America we had the honor of being the company, and the person of confidence of the Spanish Challenge for all your moving logistics during those three years.

How do I get to be the person in Europe that handles the logistics of the movement of boats racing from Peters & May?

No, surely I’m not the person who controls the logistics of yachts, I have had the luck of being able to work within a team (Peters and May Ltd) that if that is the market leader in logistics, nautical and in particular in the movement of teams sailing competition. What happened is that in the early stages I did this work in several companies until that Peters & May is set in my and I tab to represent the firm in Spain and Portugal. P&M is one of the most important companies in the world in this sector, with a movement of about 8000 boats annually around the world and with our own offices in many countries England, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Dubai, China, and Spain. We are a benchmark and in particular we have become a very important in the nautical competition. Anyway, I would like to point out that this work is not something individual. All the successes are achieved thanks to the hard work of a team, that in my case, I have the honor of leading in Spain and I thank him for all his effort and dedication. And I also want to thank the support that we received from the Group Peters and May Ltd. that gives us all their support and trust.

How do I get to lead the market?

Well, one of the important parts for a leader in the market is the teamwork, the discipline, the rigor, and, above all and before all, honesty. Is what they are looking for the shipowners. We are talking about property of personal enjoyment when working with private boats, and when we speak of competition teams we refer to goods of a lot of value-added and many factors. You have to be very disciplined with a great team of people all working to one for which the transport is carried to a successful end. And again with the honesty maximum to the shipowners as to convey the reality of the situation in each of the stages.

What are the keys of this work?

When are you going to move competition teams are working with a calendar is very tight with some dates are very accurate output and, above all, coming to the different events. The difference of delay in a boat particular can mean an annoyance to an owner, but the competition can’t have this kind of delay because it would lose the competition and all the harm that that implies. We must be very honest to explain the situations and complications so they will not feel deceived.

What are the advantages of hiring transport in Europe in time to make the move to the yacht by sea?

The difference is that the yachts racing are ready to compete in the fields of regattas. The transfer of these vessels could mean damage to the boat by topics weather or delays in arrival at the place of the regatta. It also depends on the type of boat because the ‘off-shore’, as it can be an IMOCA or Volvo etc…, the transfer is an important part to keep in mind depending on the distance. To move an IMOCA from Saint Malo to Gibraltar it makes no sense to load it, but if for example you have to send to California is better because you avoid damage and delays. In the case of the TP52 or similar classes are designed to compete in a race course very specific, with a calendar with few windows and depending on the distances is always much more convenient to bring a shipment on a vessel chartered to sail. If we talk about a Valencia-Palma these boats can do browsing, but if there is a Palm-Portugal all shipowners prefer that boats go in the cargo and prevents the sailboat will suffer. A F1 can’t go on the road…

do you Carry this type of ship is like moving fine china?

In any transport boat logistics is always delicate because of its characteristics that what you move is considered to be project cargo (this is how it is called in the language of the sector to everything not in a container) and are not containers or trucks. All those regatta boats built in carbon fiber, which are very hard materials but are also brittle, makes the logistical processing need to be much even more careful

What is the most difficult task of his professional history?

Well, we is happening now. One of the biggest logistical challenges that we have encountered is how to deal with the new regulations and scenarios produced with the Covid-19, since in each country in which we have been doing loads in our own vessels regulation has been different and has created problems of coordination

what The Covid they have been put in a critical situation?

Yes, without a doubt, because we have seen them in the midst of situations of legislation that have been out of our control and that have created problems to downloads and uploads and also to the boats.

In this business you have to negotiate, what with the shipowners or with the captains of the boats?

Here is negotiates with all of them. With the ship owners, provided that they are private vessels, with shipyards or brokers when we talk about new vessels or second-hand, or with Captains or Management when dealing with yachts of great length. In the case of competition teams and regattas as may be the 52 Super Series are there that deal with the issues of logistics with the team leader.

what Is different to negotiate with an owner with an employee?

it is Not very different, but always the most hard in the negotiation is to the employee because it defends the interests of the owner. But all see and defend the same: delivery dates and looking for the trusted maximum to leave your boat in the hands of other people. Here there are so many variables, it is not white or black.

By the way, did your passport has more stamps than the Phileas Fogg?

it Has some truth. I’ve been in quite a few parts of the world, but I still have many others to get to know.

how Many days a year sleeping away from home?

Well these last few years that I travel the less I can be away from home about 100 days. The year more I have been able to be about 250 days for the world. I have come to be many months away from home in a row. It makes it hard.

does Your attachment to the sea, reached by your father?

I have the honor of being the son of a great merchant marine that since childhood I’ve soaked the life of the sea in all its facets. I have accompanied when it has not been shipped.