Julien Doré is today an essential singer on the French scene. His unique voice and his inimitable style make him a particularly appreciated artist in France where his talent is undisputed anywhere. So much so that the author, composer and performer is about to join the jury of The Voice kids.

Indeed, the most popular tele-hook of recent years does not select its stars at random since they must be able to detect the future talents of tomorrow. This role seems cut out for the 40-year-old artist since he himself began his career thanks to a particularly popular program at the time: La Nouvelle Star.

Big winner of the competition in 2006, the adventure had not started well for him and no one would have seen him win, in particular Marianne James.

Remember, during the auditions in Marseille, Julien Doré, then totally unknown to the general public, appeared before the jury with a single song in English accompanied by his ukulele. Marianne James had then asked him to leave without even listening to him because the rules required him to sing first in French and without an instrument.

Decided to abandon the competition and return home, the young artist was finally convinced by host Virginie Efira to return to sing another song without his ukulele. Following this, the young man had been selected and will know the destiny reserved for him: to become a star of French song.

It must be said that art is in his DNA. Indeed, one of his ancestors was already a great artist.

Art is not only a talent for Julien Doré, it is also his heritage. Indeed, his great-great-great-uncle, Gustave Doré, a famous engraver and illustrator of the 19th century who notably produced works to illustrate Dante’s Inferno, the Bible or La Fontaine’s Fables.

The atypical singer was raised with this image of his ancestor who partly inspired him, as he indicated to the Journal du Dimanche in 2014: “My relationship with this immense artist is modest, intimate, almost abstract, like a powerful presence since childhood, an inspiring but never oppressive ghost. (…) He had a strange and quirky character, a real madness. It echoes in me.”

Two beautiful white Swiss shepherds named Simone and Jean-Marc. These dogs couldn’t belong to anyone other than the craziest singer on the French scene. True lover of his hairballs, Julien Doré even shared the microphone with them in the song “Waf” appearing in his album Aimée released in 2020. Thus, by listening to this music, it is possible to notice in the middle of his song the barking of his dogs.

Today Simone and Jean-Marc even have their own Instagram account. They are even quite popular given that they have 109,000 subscribers on the platform.