With her successful titles Ève lève-toi, La Chenille or Nouvelle Vie, singer Julie Piétri has enjoyed success in France and internationally. A fine career which was however punctuated by certain dramatic episodes. While pregnant with her daughter Manon, the artist tried to end her life as she had confided to our colleagues from Here on the occasion of the release of her book entitled Daughter of silence.

“This boy was my great love. But also a terrible moral stalker. He was a narcissistic pervert, the kind of guy who can’t stand being left. So yes, one day I took pills”, had – she explained and added: “I didn’t really want to die but it was the only way to end it. Today, I no longer want to live with a man. I prefer that everyone has their own life and that we meet for the best moments. I only want dreams”.

After coming close to death, the singer decided to put an end to her career in order to take care of her single file. A choice that she does not regret as she also said to Here. “I preferred, at my own risk and peril, to take care of myself as well. That’s when I started this psychoanalysis. I didn’t have any other children because my childhood didn’t make me want to. But I’m happy with myself today. And I hope that this book can help some people who have felt, at one time or another, absolutely alone.

In March 2023, Julie Pietri revealed that she had endometrial cancer. A disease which manifested itself following irregular bleeding, as she declared to our colleagues at Gala. “Last December, it didn’t stop, there wasn’t a day when I didn’t have any bleeding. It wasn’t normal. I had a hysteroscopy, an examination of the uterus under general anesthesia. Eight days later, the surgeon gave me the results of the analyses: I had endometrial cancer,” she explained.

While she was to be operated on immediately, her doctor ultimately did not proceed with the operation because “he suspected an extension of the cancer to the peritoneum”. A suspicion that turned out to be false, for his greatest happiness. “He gave me a new appointment and this time I preferred not to hear the verdict alone, I went with a girlfriend. When he said ‘you don’t have peritoneal cancer “We went to drink a glass of champagne!”. Today, Julie Pietri seems to be doing better although she has lived “two months of hell”. “I thank my body. I find it kind to me: it recovers quickly and isn’t too broken. And on a moral level, I am a very combative person, “a warrior” as my daughter says,” said she added during this interview.

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