A star who is celebrating his 50th birthday, including 30 years of career. In 1992, Julie Gayet took her first steps as an actress on the screen by making an appearance in the sitcom First Kisses. “It was episode 95, five seconds,” she confessed on RTL in 2016, quoted by Here. “I shot a scene, once in First Kisses. And, it was pretty cool because I came in, I slapped the boys and I came out. And, I had received my stamp”.

Fulfilled by this first experience, Julie Gayet turned to the cinema where she obtained her first roles in 1993 in La Petite Apocalypse and Trois Couleurs: Bleu. Four years later, the actress was awarded the Romy Schneider prize for her performance in Select Hôtel directed by Laurent Bouhnik. Thanks to this distinction, she is propelled into the spotlight and multiplies projects between dramas and comedies, from the big to the small screen.

Alongside her career, Julie Gayet shares the life of the filmmaker Santiago Amigorena whom she married in the 2000s. Their union saw the birth of their sons Tadeo and Ézéchiel, before their divorce in 2006. Several years later, the media revealed his affair with President François Hollande, then in a relationship with journalist Valérie Trierweiler. A threesome that caused a lot of talk during the mandate of the head of state. It was not until 2017 that the couple made their first public appearance at the funeral of Johnny Hallyday.

Discreet about her private life, Julie Gayet sometimes indulges in a few confidences. “I cooked a lot when my children were young and there was a time when I stopped”, she confided at the end of May on Europe 1 in Les bons vivants, adding. “I only cooked for fun, on vacation, to take the time. This daily cooking, I stopped doing it”. Then, she praised the culinary talents of her spouse. “He cooks everything, he has this ability to open the fridge, take what is there and be able to make a small starter, a main course”.

Committed woman and fulfilled mother, the actress seen in A perfect mother can still surprise her audience. Invited to Tea or Coffee on France 2 in 2017, host Catherine Ceylac revealed one of her secrets. “What does the tattoo on your lower back represent?”. A question that Julie Gayet did not expect, according to her reaction. “How do you know that?”, she wonders before confessing. “It’s a calligraphy that represents peace”.

For the occasion, a look back in pictures at the incredible evolution of Julie Gayet throughout her career. Here are his most beautiful appearances through our slideshow.