Julianne Moore turns 62: what does the American star look like today?


An iconic face of Hollywood. Julianne Moore is one of the iconic stars of the seventh art. From her debut in the 1980s in the theater, before landing roles on television, the actress was first noticed in the cinema in 1990 in Darkside tales of the night.

From this first experience, Julianne Moore returns to the poster of The hand on the cradle then of Vanya, 42nd Street. In 1995, the actress was revealed to the public with the film Safe, for which she obtained the leading role. It was then that Steven Spielberg hired him to play in The Fugitive then The Lost World.

Nominated five times for the Oscars (three times in the best actress category and twice in the best supporting actress category), Julianne Moore finally won the Grail in 2015. She was crowned best actress for her performance in the film Still Alice . A fashion icon around the world, the sublime sexagenarian has remained comfortable with her age throughout her career.

“We are lucky to grow old; it’s a privilege. Our experience of life brings us so much richness and knowledge. And I find that I feel much better about myself as I get older,” she said. confided in the Swiss version of Femina in 2012. Aged 62, Julianne Moore prefers not to worry about the passage of time. “It seems so silly to talk about it as something negative when it’s a privilege to continue to grow old,” according to comments relayed by Yahoo Life.

What does the famous actress look like today? From Paris Fashion Week to the Cannes Film Festival, without forgetting the Venice Film Festival and the Gotham Awards last November, look back on Julianne Moore’s year 2022 through our slideshow.