Family Business, What have we done to the good Lord… The actress Julia Piaton has built a career that would make more than one artist blush. But, when she decided to get into the cinema, the actress was very quickly confronted with the difficulty of being “daughter of”. Indeed, her mother, Charlotte de Turckheim, is a recognized actress and this made her question her legitimacy in the industry for a long time.

“When you have an actor parent, you first wonder if it’s very smart to take the same direction. It’s a problem of construction and identity”, she confided in the columns of Télé Star in 2016. But in the end, she managed to overcome her demons, as she explained to Purepeople: “I was the one who had a problem with it and lacked clarity on the matter. I was my own executioner. You do the same job as your mother, well that’s it. It’s great. You have to accept it more than anything. It’s something that I had trouble doing at the beginning”.

Divorced from Jean-Marc Piaton, the father of her daughter Julia, Charlotte de Turckheim remarried in 2012 with Zaman Hachemi after four years of relationship. But, at the beginning of their relationship, the actress of Family Business was hardly tender with her stepfather.

“It’s complicated to accept seeing your dad or mom with someone else. I was very tough, very, very tough with the newcomers. I’m very sorry now. I was very wicked“, she had explained to our colleagues from Purepeople.

For Julia Piaton, being a mother is not easy. Mother of a 5-year-old boy, she recognizes in the columns of Télé 7 jours that motherhood is a “great adventure of life”. However, it remains a big challenge and she explains that “it’s super hard”.

However, her little bundle of joy is also and above all a source of happiness for her. “When I see that he is well in his pumps, happy to go to school, for me, it’s a small victory every day”, she confided to our colleagues.