He became one of the protagonists of the nebulous Jubillar affair, named after the nurse who disappeared in December 2020 in Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn). Because “Marco” would have stayed in the cell next to that of her husband, Cédric Jubillar, indicted for “murder” for a little less than a year.

Investigators suspect the plasterer painter of having killed his wife Delphine who wanted a divorce and had a lover. But until then, Cédric Jubillar locks himself in his denials. In prison, his troubled attitude. And above all, the body of the young nurse remains untraceable.

A few months ago, when the investigators collected the secrets of “Marco”, they finally believed they had irrefutable proof of the husband’s guilt. But nothing will go as planned.

This 37-year-old father is a prison regular. He spent nearly 15 years behind bars. Between August and October 2021, he is the cell neighbor of Cédric Jubillar, at the Toulouse-Seysses remand center.

Shortly before his release, he made revelations to investigators, who still raise questions today. The former detainee would have received disturbing confidences from Cédric Jubillar, even confessions. The Tarn would have told him of having killed his wife before hiding her body in a burnt farm.

Would “Marco” have rigged up to benefit from a reduced sentence?

In Le Parisien, the interested party, who has since moved to Portugal, speaks “for the first and last time”. “Let things be clear: I am not a libra who would have cashed in on his information in return for I don’t know what early release and who would have acted in his personal interest”, he assures, adding that he acted “in the hope that the truth will come out, and that Delphine’s children will one day know where their mother is”.

In the columns of the newspaper, the former detainee also gives details of his own criminal journey. Convicted of “rape with acts of torture and barbarism”, he spent 16 years behind bars between 2003 and 2016. “It was rape with a blunt object. I was still a minor and I was taken by the group effect in a delinquent environment. It is not a pride, obviously, but I assumed”, reports the thirty-year-old to Parisian.

His criminal record does not end there. Marco was subsequently sentenced for “witness tampering”, and “for two cases of felony threats against prison guards”, he explains. This is how he ended up in the Seysses remand center, alongside Cédric Jubillar, in the fall of 2021.

On the spot, he feels that the plasterer painter has made enemies, but he has not heard of the affair that bears his name, and introduces himself. They discuss through interposed bars.

“I feel like he is trying to get into my brain. He asks me some trick questions about my past. (…) I understand that he is a great calculator, he thinks a lot more than the average of the other prisoners. I also consider him very cultured. But I find that he really talks a lot…”, reports Marco. The detainee is disturbed by this man, who calls his missing wife “the other”, and does not seem affected by the drama. “Even with regard to his children, I never feel the love of a father” he continues.

To have peace, Marco sells him some cannabis, because he knows how to get it in prison. It is there, in the middle of the night, after smoking, that Cédric confides in him for the first time.

Marco recalls: “One night he tells me about when things happened. He left his room, he surprised his wife sending messages to his “asshole”, that’s how he spoke of the lover, and that’s when he “twisted “”. But this driver from the prison environment, at first, does not take it seriously.

“He was asking me for details about the burial of corpses… He was worried about the possibility that a buried body might end up being discovered because of the weather or the animals. This is where he tells me that his wife’s body is buried not far from a place that burned. He also speaks to me of two large trees, without giving any further explanations”, says Marco in Le Parisien.

And then, the idea germinates in his head of obtaining a precise confession from his sidekick, so that, perhaps, he can finally find the body of the missing nurse.

“I suggest he deflect suspicion not towards Delphine’s lover, which wouldn’t have made much sense, but rather towards the lover’s wife. I tell him that if the body is discovered next to their home, with traces of DNA and blood that we could pick up in their garbage cans, it will necessarily be cleared”, continues the 30-year-old, who then wants to push his cell neighbor to give precise indications on the place where Delphone rests.

Marco’s release is approaching. Cédric Jubillar would then have told him to contact Séverine, his new companion, and even gave him coded letters to send to him.

“A few days later, towards the end of September, I felt compelled to tell all this to a person who works in the prison intelligence service. It is she, then, who makes the link with the gendarmes”, explains Marco.

These revelations, Cédric Jubillar assures that he never made them to Marco, or to anyone.

On May 12, a legal confrontation was organized between the two former cell neighbors. “Cédric did not deny having spoken to me, but he dodged a lot of questions by saying that it was I who had misinterpreted some of his remarks,” commented Marco in Le Parisien. “For the most embarrassing phrases, like ‘I twisted and got rid of her’, he replied, ‘I may have said that, but it was a joke.’ But I was present when he said these words and I can say that he was not laughing at all”, concludes the former prisoner.