The journalists, at the French-language public broadcaster RTBF will have a vote of no confidence was submitted. According to them, it’s the transformation plan for the editorial staff a year ago, it has started to fail. The board says the message is understood. “There are some discussions have started in order to find a solution,” said COMPANY spokesman Axelle Pollet.

The most important issues of the restructuring of the editorial staff are said to be the central and non-planning, and the rigidity of the operation, wrote the newspaper L’echo . For journalists, it is becoming increasingly difficult to work with in a domain. The restructuring is also considered to be a hidden cost savings plan.

on Thursday, wanted, nor the editorial board (SDJ), neither the board of directors of the COMPANY, many comments will be lost. The two parties have been negotiating, and, therefore, will not throw gas on the fire, he said it.

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