She’s already back on the air. A week after the broadcast of Joséphine, TF1 is broadcasting the second part of the saga this Thursday August 4 at 9:10 p.m. Entitled Joséphine rounds up, Marilou Berry takes on the role of Joséphine, a thirty-year-old who feels bad about herself, complexed by her few extra pounds. At the end of the first film, Joséphine has found her “perfect-man-non-smoker-good-cook-who-loves-cats” who is none other than Gilles. However, the young woman’s perfect existence is turned upside down when she discovers that she is pregnant.

In Joséphine s’rounding up, most of the actors resumed their role from the first part, in particular Mehdi Nebbou in that of Gilles or even Caroline Anglade in that of Alexandra, the director of human resources. However, it’s a whole different story for the family of the character played by Marilou Berry. Indeed, in the first part, Françoise Miquelis and Olivier Cruveiller played Josephine’s parents. As for his sister Diane, it was Alice Pol.

For the second part of Joséphine, a change of actors was therefore made for the heroine’s family. Marilou Berry, who became a director on this film in place of Agnès Obadia, notably justified the choice of Josiane Balasko, her real mother in life, to play the role of her character’s mother. “Who better than my mother to play this role? It’s really the best role, mother-daughter. We can’t use it better than that. We had a lot of fun, even if it was stressful” , she confided in an interview with Ouest-France in 2016.

Like the mother, the role of Josephine’s father was taken over by Patrick Braoudé. In an interview with Closer, Marilou Berry explains that the subject of pregnancy was rarely discussed as a comedy on the big screen. The cult film Neuf mois, directed by Patrick Braoudé, is one of them. And it is thanks to this film that the actress and director expressed her “desire” to integrate Patrick Braoudé into the cast. As for the role of Diane, it was entrusted to Vanessa Guide (The new adventures of Aladdin, Supercondriaque, Going To Brazil, 30 days max).

Discover in our slideshow below the change of casting made for Josephine’s family.