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José Luis Garci (Madrid, 1944) account with the record of having been one of the Spanish directors most frequently nominated in Hollywood . In addition to winning the Oscar with begin Again (1982) was a new candidate with continuous Session (1984), Asignatura approved, (1987) and El abuelo (1998). Left the cinema in 2012. In 2019 he returned with the filming of the prequel of one of their classics, The crack, which he titled The crack zero. The spaniard has flirted also with the television, theatre and the arts . 2013 is his book Noir, on black cinema.

can Only take one book to a desert island…

it Would be a thousand and one nights.

what book has been entertaining the confinement?

I have re-read Trilogy of Madrid, Francisco Threshold; Rescue, of Conrad; The night of San Juan, Mircea Eliade… And there we go.

What is the masterpiece that you know you should be reading and who you have always been resisted?

The lost paradise of lord Milton.

What sings under the shower?

No singing. Normally, I do the alignments ideals of my football team for the next match.

What was the first album you bought and where?

Oh, Sinner man, Nina and Frederick, in a store of madrid’s Gran Vía. On the cover you would see the Danish couple the front and back. It was gorgeous.

What is the disk present or would you recommend always?

The third symphony of Beethoven, Sinatra, Cole Porter, Tristan and Isolde, the Manhattan Transfer… it Depends on who.

is There any music that you find unbearable?

reggaeton or techno.

Series addictive that I couldn’t stop watching…

True detective, the first season. The looming, all of them.

The series that is parked and that he considers overrated…

Black Mirror.

“Rio Bravo”

Your movie of the header is…

right Now, Rio Bravo; this night, perhaps, Perdition; and for sure tomorrow Vertigo, or Casablanca, or the wind, or The godfather…

what kind of creator would you like to incarnate?

what is my thing? In Billy Wilder.

Your poet of the header.

I have two: Manuel Alcantara, and Luis Alberto de Cuenca.

do you Have a favorite verse?

“If others do not seek God / I don’t have more remedy: / I should be an explanation” (This summer in Malaga, the above-mentioned Alcantara).

“View of Delft”

The work of art that fascinates him.

Las meninas / View of Delft. For me it is a same box. Interior and exterior are united by the light, recovering from Velazquez and Vermeer.

I can Not with the artistic movement…

I Remember that I did not have to over the Op-Art.

what Proust or Jo Nesbø?

Proust. Thanks to him I have spent half a life “In search of the time learned.”

What is your pleasure cultural culpable?

None. I have never felt “negligent”, or even guilty, for enjoying with the peplums of Cottafavi or Don Chaffey or Gianna Maria Canale; or by reading Corin Tellado or Marcial Lafuente Estefania. I am of the old plan, of which we read at the same time Mark and Insula, Jorge Campos and Antonio Valencia.

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