Jordan Lukaku did on Sunday, the ninth day of the Serie A to a remarkable comeback is made by Rome. With an assist matchwinnaar Immobile helped with the fullback the team with three points on the field of Fiorentina.

Lukaku came on for the final action on the 20th of January. Afterwards it did with a serious knee injury, the Red Devil (8 caps) in the radial direction. In september, the younger brother of Romelu Lukaku is back at the training ground in Rome. After four matches on the bench, in case of the full-on Sunday’s visit to Fiorentina, his comeback to make.

It took the 25-year-old Lukaku goes on. After Church (28 In.) for Fiorentina’s opening goal from Correa (22 in.) had been wiped out, would now be a major part in the winning goal from Immobile (89 in.). Lukaku, who at the time fancied, got to the dead ball line, and painted the leather on the crown of the head of the Italian powerhouse that is the 1-2 clean binnenkopte. For Immobile it was his tenth goal in nine of the competitiematchen. In the Apartment was missing and beat the keeper Silvia Proto with an injury.

In the state will climb A … the sixth-place Fiorentina is ninth.

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