Father-and-son-debate – Is Jordan bigger than Federer? Never! But!Michael Jordan serves as a role model? And he puts Federer in the shadows? The Netflix documentary about the basketball player leads to discussions of principle.Opinion Philippe Zweifel8 Kommentare8Basketballer Michael Jordan was always referred to as “superhuman”. Here you can see why.Photo: Reuters

Via driveway I looked at my son and “The Last Dance”. The documentary about Basketball legend Michael Jordan is a big success with the anthemic reviews (click here to go to our meeting): “insight in a century talent!”, “Sports event of the year!”, “Also, sports are excited!”.

I found the documentary, which has co-produced the Jordan, from the beginning, as the adulation. That’s okay, finally, Jordan was indeed the Shakespeare of basketball. What makes me a bit irritated: His irrepressible will to win comes mainly from resentment and vindictiveness. With whiskey and cigar in Hand, Jordan reported on the shortcomings of the opponents and other players and bluffing with the terror regime that he built back in the Team the Chicago Bulls.

“Jordan makes the football-Unsympathen Sergio Ramos to a zwägen types!” said I to the son.

“I think it’s cool,” said 12-Year-old.

My Irritation increased. One of the values that I believe to have my son taught is: that respect for each other, and Yes, that the failure of a certain self-deprecating Dignity. Me, Jordan, a quiet Sidekick, Scottie Pippen, the Bulls moved at the time of contract negotiations on the table, more sympathetic than the On-ballers.

“Pippen is nice, but Jordan is the Best,” was the son.

“But he is an Ego.”

“Jordan is the greatest athlete ever. Bigger than Federer and Ronaldo,” said my son, who had heard a few days ago, never Michael Jordan.

“Federer? Never!”

“But. Jordan has two billion in assets. Federer just one. I googled.”

I sighed and thought about the difference between me and my son. I’m one of those Swiss, which is suspicious of too much success? Maybe it’s a kind of intellectual envy. As in the case of Mani Matter where in the song “Ds Heidi” a Jock and a Poet to a woman lovers. Of course, the sport makes cannon the race.

1000 Slam Dunks later, Jordan was still not sympathetic, but something made me stick with it. Its slightly liquid, the almost balletic movements of goods, such as hypnosis. How he

“dad slides as he lifts …?”, the son asked after the last Episode, “can I have a Michael Jordan Jersey?”

“have a look”, brummelte I.

the late evening, as he slept, I ordered the shirt from Amazon. After the payment process I stopped. Then I clicked on me to offer me the XL-watch models.

“The Last Dance” is on Netflix is streaming.

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