Jonathan Groff Excited for Pregnant Lea Michele’s Baby No. 2 Journey

Jonathan Groff, known for his roles in Glee and Spring Awakening, expressed his excitement for his best friend Lea Michele’s second pregnancy journey. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Groff shared his thoughts on seeing Michele go through this experience, emphasizing her amazing motherhood skills.

Having been close friends since their Broadway days, Groff mentioned how surreal it was to witness Michele’s first pregnancy during the pandemic, where they were in different locations. However, this time around, Groff is thrilled to be present for every stage of Michele’s pregnancy and even felt the baby kick for the first time recently.

Despite physical changes due to pregnancy, Groff praised Michele’s appearance and highlighted her amazing parenting skills. Michele and her husband Zandy Reich are expecting a baby girl, adding to their family, which already includes son Ever.

In a heartwarming gesture, Michele offered to be a surrogate for Groff if he decides to become a parent in the future. Groff, who came out as gay in 2009, credits his time in theater, especially working on Spring Awakening, for helping him embrace his authentic self.

As Michele embarks on this new chapter of motherhood, Groff is excited for her journey and looks forward to whatever the future holds for both of them. With Michele’s unwavering support and friendship, Groff feels grateful for the lifeline that theater provided him during his formative years.

Overall, the bond between Groff and Michele continues to grow stronger as they navigate parenthood and friendship together. Stay tuned for more updates on their heartwarming journey.

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