The lanky young guy with the blond Great shortly before the end of the Show in Frankfurt’s Club Zoom shows a great proposal for his Fans: “First, we make a photo, and your best Smile. And then we play a Song.“ The Band crouches with his back to the audience, the employee snaps, and a few minutes later, the photo is online on Jonas Monars Instagram Account. In addition, Thank you Frankfurt is: “for the mega-final of the #niezuendetour2018. On 29.12. in Wetzlar you can see us for the last Time this year. Rum is anyone coming?“

the next day more than a thousand are Like “” is displayed, and the comment bar is overflowing with heart Emojis and “It was mega!”-Exclaim. What is suggested, slightly high-pitched enthusiasm that prevailed the night before in the Zoom, suitable. On the photo you can see Monar and his three musicians in a casual stance behind it, beaming with joy, the end of Teens and twenty-somethings, a good 95 percent of them female. You hide with your stretched arms, however, the view in the airy space is not filled the Club once again for the half.

a thousand times consent over night

thousands times approval overnight on Instagram sounds like a lot, but is that it? Felix Jaehn and Max Giesinger are likely to get more clicks. In that German Pop and Schlager-cosmos, the two represent, Jonas Monar, would have been cast in a classic boy band as “the Sweet”. But Monar pursued a Solo career, and relies on the in school bands and later touring as the opening act of the silver moon, and Nena past experience. At his concert in Frankfurt, the young Berlin shows no fear of skillful self-presentation and confident Posing. It’s a children’s game for a Selfie-hardened Digital Native like him – with the mobile phone of one of the Fans he even has some photos of himself while he sings.

But musical Can, if the Charts are in the visor. Monar says the wrong sound, and he has his one and a half hour Show at every time, whether he is now bouncy dancing like a Rapper, if he Piano is now on the white E-contemplative or acoustic guitar to a riotous sing-along program. And it is downright impressive, as he is flaky with loose moderation, compliments and banter to be in a dense throng in front of the stage audience stand-up holds together.