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In the last days there is much talk in the professional golf of the strategy of Bryson Dechambaeu add pounds of muscle to gain more power and, of step, more and more tournaments. As the formula has worked, little more is there to say except the physical problems that in the long run may have.

By contrast, Jon Rahm took another route of preparation during confinement. Instead of mashing in intakes of protein and a gym, he chose to make healthy diet, lose weight, and find your progression in other areas of the game. The spaniard is aware that to win in the major (after ten professional victories is what really motivated him) does not need to be the one who hits more powerful, but the one that is best managed in the short game. So just picked up a golf club in his retirement to Arizona and focused on the technical aspects that needed to improve.

The immediate consequence in terms of returned to competition after three months standing, it was an absolute decoupling between what you ordered their mind of winning and running his hands, still rusted by inactivity. He needed to adapt to their new look, because like DeChambeau had to learn to live with a body more wide, now Jon had to run their blows with greater margin of maneuver for your arms. With ten kilos less and more mobility, it was logical that his shots were out of adjustment.

it was Not the cut in his first test and in the following two ended in a few posts very unusual for him (33 and 37), which made him rethink his calendar. Instead of taking two weeks of rest before tackling the important appointment of the Memorial (the tournament of Jack Nicklaus that every professional craves to win to have the final photo next to the myth), he returned to activity sooner than expected. Building on that, exceptionally, the previous week, included a new tournament at the same venue in Ohio, it was noted by surprise. Since the idea was not just to prove himself, but also to see how it looked in a field of real competition.

Given that your goal is large and that the PGA Championship is just around the corner, it was the best way to tackle the mountain passes of the season without doubt in the head. However, although the first three rounds of the Workday left a good hint in the oak Barrel, the low results not ended up getting. I was up in the statistics of distance and efficiency, but still flojeando on the greens. So, with the point of improvement already detected, only lack that click that would turn the machinery of the putt. And that moment came on the fourth day, when he signed 64 blows and we came back again the smile to the face. I knew that I had given with the missed item and that the hard part of the journey had already passed.

so this last week in Muirfield Village has been one of the happiest of his life. From the friendly charity, in which he played Wednesday, it felt like a fish in the water and the game began to flow as it should. At the same time, the Bear Golden asked that harden the conditions of the field to be a real test for the golfers and that is where Jon came out. While its competitors were crashing in a route with conditions of the US Open (each time more firm and long for the harshness of the weather), Rahm was relaxed as ever, and he played by the book, with the aplomb of a great champion.

In the field is demanding, with new body and better sensations, the majors are already waiting for you.