Jon Bon Jovi Discusses Potential Return of Richie Sambora to Band

Jon Bon Jovi is uncertain about the possibility of former guitarist Richie Sambora rejoining Bon Jovi.

Sambora, who left the band in 2013, expressed interest in returning once Bon Jovi has fully recovered from recent vocal surgery. However, Bon Jovi stated that any decision regarding Sambora’s involvement would be made if the band decides to go on tour.

While Bon Jovi acknowledged that things have changed since Sambora’s departure, he emphasized that the band has continued to make music. Sambora previously apologized for leaving abruptly before a tour stop in Calgary, citing personal reasons for his decision.

Despite Sambora’s willingness to reconcile, Bon Jovi remains cautious about rushing into a reunion tour. He emphasized the importance of being fully prepared before committing to extensive performances.

The band’s latest album, Forever, was released today, marking a new chapter in Bon Jovi’s musical journey.