Johnny Hallyday: the 9 places to visit to follow in the footsteps of the rocker


People think they know Johnny Hallyday… But do you really know Jean-Philippe Smet? On the night of December 5, 2017, the most famous rocker breathed his last in his home in Marnes-la-Coquette, aged 74. A shock wave for his fans shaken by this sad news when they woke up.

Like millions of French people, author and journalist Amélie Schildt was devastated by the death of the star she followed throughout her career. Based in Belgium for 15 years, she paid tribute to the last love of Laeticia Hallyday in her book Johnny, Belgium in the blood, published by Harper Collins Editions. “I was able to notice it little by little while interviewing him, before specializing in this theme, but I was struck by his very strong links with Belgium which are not well enough known”, explains the 30-year-old. for Planet.

Abandoned by his father, the Belgian actor Léon Smet, raised by his mother Huguette Clerc before being entrusted to his aunt Hélène (his father’s sister), we only know the moving past of the young Jean-Philippe. However, “his relationship with Belgium is important in his career and until the end of his life, he was very attached to this country”, tells us the biography and journalist of RTL-TVI. “That’s why I wanted to put it in the spotlight”.

Through her work, Amélie Schildt reveals surprising anecdotes about the Belgian life of Johnny Hallyday. The opportunity to talk about his career, his private life, and in particular to follow in the footsteps of the father of the family by discovering his favorite addresses in Belgium. For a day, a weekend or a long stay, the Taulier had many hobbies that the author reveals in her book.

Ever dreamed of tasting Johnny’s favorite beer? Sleep in the same hotel he was staying in in town? Or discover their favorite shops, delicacies and dishes? Planet offers you a guided tour of the streets of Brussels, showing you in pictures the nine places to visit in our slideshow.