as for Johan Bruyneel, the U.s. government is still in the amount of $ 1.2 million will be due. In the aftermath of the dopingaffaire around Lance Armstrong, was a former sports director of US Postal, a hefty fine, but he refuses to pay for it.

“USA Today” post on his website that the united states court last year in a local public notary to the house, Bruyneel is in Madrid San Sebastian de los Reyes and sent him to the official documents. Then, the 55-year-old West-Flemish people came to understand who he has in front of him, he refused to take the envelope, to be received.

“The Spanish civil law notary was to be able to confirm to you that the person who had opened the door Bruyneel, but Bruyneel refused to accept the documents, and to accept it”, it says in an official statement made by the Us government last month to put before a court of law, in Washington, DC.

The $ 1.2 million is based on the salary that Bruyneel has received and when he was he signed up and was on the team, which is sponsored by the United States Postal Service. Lance Armstrong-looked after dopingbekentenis, at a compensation of $ 100 million, but found a solution to 6,65 million. Bruyneel has any involvement in the examination is always rejected. He was, like Armstrong’s lifetime ban.

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