The election campaign of the US-Democrats – Joe Biden: the one Who selects the Trump, is not really schwarzMit a statement against the black radio host Charlamagne Tha God, the American candidate for the presidency brought many potential voters against KommentarePer video conference with Charlamagne Tha God (left) talked with Joe Biden. This is not accusing the host of “the Breakfast Club”, “not really black”, if he choose him. Screenshot: Twitter

The designated presidential candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden, has been in the United States with a Statement in support of African-American voters for excitement. Biden said on Friday in an interview with a prominent African-American radio host, this is not a real Black man, if he should consider whether he or President Donald Trump support.

Biden (77), who was then President Barack Obama, Vice-President, is popular with African-Americans extremely popular. In social media, but came to a heated debate; many Blacks have criticized Biden’s Statement as patronising. Trumps election campaign condemned the remark as “racist”. This shows that the white think Biden, is that Black people “are unable to be independent or to think independently,” said the campaign.

For Biden counts the voter turnout

The radio host Charlamagne Tha God had asked Biden in the interview after Reports that he had taken the white Senator Amy Klobuchar on the short list for the Position of Vice-President. The Moderator said, Biden will have to thank his victory in the primaries, black voters, therefore, there is now also a call to a black Deputy in the White house.

Biden replied that there were several black candidates. At the end of the conversation, he then added: “If you have a Problem to resolve, whether they are for me or for any Trump, then you are not black.” Biden stressed that he was campaigning for decades for African-Americans. An adviser to Biden’s later explained on Twitter, Biden’s remark had been in jest – as the debate around the Hashtag “YouAintBlack spread but” (they are not black).

Biden in the presidential election on may 3. November expect a majority of the votes of African Americans. For the Democrats, it could be important, however, as black voters are motivated: If you don’t vote simply, but to stay at home, is likely to be a victory for Biden, again, harder.

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