Hasselt / Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at the latest wave for up to 14 hours, the doors of the Expo, the city of Hasselt (Grenslandhallen) for the big job Fair in Hasselt. More than 50 prominent companies to present their available jobs to the general public. What is remarkable is that there is a groepsstand, it will have to be found with the opportunities of a city is known for several sme’s.

“these are the companies that you are not often at the major job fairs in my life, but have jobs to offer that will hardly be commuting to and from work will require,” says Rick Dehollogne, the ships, the Economy and employment in the city centre, the trade fair on the track it has taken.

“I can imagine, as an entrepreneur for many years, the people have to work,” says Rick Dehollogne. “This knock is one of the problems they face in the labour market do occur. It has just come to my attention that isn’t trained can sometimes be a difficulty as they are in the traditional way should be to submit an application. In the paper, the jobinterview… it’s all a little awkward. As a result, employers have a false impression about the candidate, and that’s a shame. A second observation is that it is still quite a lot of job seekers do not make for an interesting job to be eligible for the commuting to and from work is a problem. With these assumptions, I have come to think about it, a formula by which we can all job seekers to be a logical match between the supply of and demand for jobs.”

as The ships tried to get into contact with the VDAB, and in This, which is the concept of a job Fair in Hasselt as a result. “On the one hand, it’s a classic, jobevent, where some of the biggest companies and organisations in the region to their jobs proposals,” according to the ship.