For many of the suffering, he is the last hope: João Teixeira de Faria, in Brazil, under the name of “João de Deus” (John of God). The “miracle healer” is said to have liberated Countless of their diseases and Suffering, including celebrities from Hollywood and several well-known politicians. But now Faria makes not by his miracles of healing, but by other acts.

Tjerk Brühwiller

Rapporteur for Latin America with headquarters in São Paulo.

F. A. Z.

In recent days, several women turned to the Public, the Faria accused of sexual abuse. Since the publication of the allegations, hundreds of women have reported at the office of the public Prosecutor, to whom the same shall be. The office of the Prosecutor has appointed a special investigator to investigate the allegations. Farias lawyers say their client is innocent and cooperating with investigators at the ready.

reports about the alleged healing powers of the 76-year-old Faria and widespread use for decades throughout the world. Today, every month of the pilgrimage of tens of thousands from Brazil and also from abroad in his spiritual center in the small town of Abadiânia in the state of Goiás, where Faria makes for over forty years, his spiritual healings. The healing methods of Faria are as inexplicable as they are controversial. In addition to the spiritual healing through Meditation and cults will be carried out in the centre and also physical procedures, which is criticized by health professionals in focus.

As in his best-known remedies of the blessed water and capsules of passion apply flowers fruit. Alone with the sale of these remedies, and of artifacts such as, for example, his “magic triangles” takes Faria annually, approximately ten million dollars. Critics call him a cheater, which will make use of the old year, market Tricks and the confidence of his followers, abuse.

In all cases, it should be similar to

Faria does not have to defend themselves for the first Time against allegations of sexual abuse. A few years ago, he was shown because of that. But the procedure was discontinued for lack of Evidence. Now the allegations come in a concentrated Form. The impetus was a report in the newspaper “O Globo”, in which several victims came to speak of their abuse by Faria reported. The biggest Brazilian TV channel “TV Globo” aired a broadcast in which a Dutch citizen, Zaire told Lieneke Mous of ill-treatment by the healer.

Also, other victims were able to speak and did not want to give up their identity. The descriptions of the victims, according to Faria was similar in all cases: He saw chose the mostly young women as the “Chosen one” and led them into a side room for individual treatment. There, the women were forced to touch his genitals. In some cases, Faria went even further. His Victims he said that it was a cure for the cleaning.