Jerusalem is very busy at the moment, the construction of a tomb, a subterranean cemetery, where as many as 23,000 for the dead would be brought to the surface. The construction of the massive tomb, but the four-year period, but at the end of October, there would be all of 8,000 counts can be taken into use. For the full price, it would now amount to 78 million euros.

now, In Jerusalem there is a shortage of space to bury them in the ground. Therefore, they build up under the ground, under the Givat Shaul), the largest jewish cemetery in the City. An impressive project, but this is just the beginning, according to the person in charge of the construction work. “If the people of this new method of burying the dead and accept this, we will continue to build,” said Chananya Shachor, to The Jersualem Post.

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