He made us laugh with his schoolboy humor until his last breath. On Thursday July 22, 2021, comedian Jean-Yves Lafesse died in Vannes in Morbihan in Brittany, at the age of 64, as his entourage announced on Friday to AFP. Undisputed king of the hidden camera, he was more discreet in the media because of his health concerns, suffering from Charcot’s disease.

“His condition had suddenly deteriorated in the last 24 hours”, explains his family in the same press release, when this serious neurodegenerative disease was diagnosed in the sixties a year ago. If the comedian continued to use his sarcasm on the web, he had recently launched his “Lafesse project” in order to raise funds to mount the best-of of his work. “Two years ago, I inherited a disease that physically diminishes me. Laughter helps me a lot, it maintains my morale. So I decided to launch a project, to continue to share this laughter with you “, he wrote on the online platform Leetchi.

Born Jean-Yves Lambert in Pontivy, in the Breton region, the comedian was successful in the early 90s. A follower of telephone pranks, schoolboy valves and hidden cameras, the Breton knew how to make the French smile. For the occasion, Planet invites you to review five memorable sequences of the famous artist.

Among his variety of characters, Jean-Yves Lafesse has done a lot of hidden cameras in the skin of Germaine Ledoux. A retiree who did not lack the nerve to stand out in the street with passers-by. Like this sketch where the artist, made up as an elderly woman, was looking for her skirt that had been stolen from her.

Jean-Yves Lafesse has never been afraid of ridicule and never hesitated to stage himself in truly unusual situations. As in this sequence where the comedian tumbles into a bar on his motorcycle to order a drink. Enough to hallucinate the customers present who do not believe it with their own eyes!

Even more absurd, Jean-Yves Lafesse walked in the skin of Santa Claus in the middle of the summer. From his encounter with vacationers in the streets or sunbathing on the beach, the actor does not lack humor to embed himself in their intimacy and gratinate them with his most pungent reflections.

When Jean-Yves Lafesse gets involved, you are never safe from a funny situation, especially in a bakery. Faced with customers, he uses his hilarious humor to drive them crazy. The result is simply hilarious!

Among his latest hoaxes, Jean-Yves Lafesse was talked about in 2019, when he presented himself as a candidate for Poissy. “It was the mayor who had the idea. He asked me if I had fun doing it. I said yes. He gave me carte blanche. I went to the market, because it’s where there are the most people. I’m used to markets, agricultural competitions, etc. There’s a lot of traffic, which gives me a better chance of finding rare pearls. went there on a Friday and a Sunday”, he confided in an interview for the Actu.fr site.