Jean-Pierre Foucault: this crazy rumor about his romance with Mireille Mathieu


With more than 50 years of television and radio career on the clock, Jean-Pierre Foucault has crossed paths with many stars and has even helped to launch some of them. As our colleagues from Here recently recalled, the host was “used” without his knowledge to try to boost the visibility of Mireille Mathieu.

In the 70s, when Jean-Pierre Foucault was already a figure of RMC and Mireille Mathieu was not yet very popular, the singer’s impresario would come up with a ploy: make people believe in a love story between the presenter and artist. Johnny Stark thus organized fake “paparazzades” featuring the host and the young woman, in order to highlight Mireille Mathieu in the press.

On the set of Europe 1, in 2015, Jean-Pierre Foucault had mentioned this anecdote, relates France Sunday. “I had taken photos and I was super happy because I thought I was going to become more famous than I was,” said the television man at Cyril Hanouna’s microphone.

Johnny Stark would have explained to him that he wanted to hide the supposed affair of Mireille Mathieu with “a rich Mexican”. The famous agent had also set up from scratch an idyll between the singer and Yves Mourousi, by the same process of photo shoots arranged. “He invented crazy stories,” says Jean-Pierre Foucault. Mireille Mathieu finally did not need the rumors around an affair with Jean-Pierre Foucault to see her career take off. The 76-year-old Frenchwoman has enjoyed colossal success, especially abroad.

For his part, Jean-Pierre Foucault lives a love story (true this time) with Evelyne Jarre. This former flight attendant met the host in 1983 during a flight. They fell in love and have been a real blended family for 40 years, each having had a child on their side before falling in love. According to Le Journal des Femmes, the couple is living in a villa in Carry-le-Rouet, not far from Marseille.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Jean-Pierre Foucault had mentioned the longevity of his couple: “There is only one way: to avoid monotony. It’s like in the job. A former radio operator told me when I started out: ‘If you want to last, never say hello twice the same way at the microphone’. How about trying to do the same with your spouse? With √Čvelyne, my partner, this recipe has been working for thirty- five years!”, had assured the presenter of Who wants to be a millionaire?