Jean-Paul Van Avermaet, the new ceo of Bpost. Learned that the Standard .

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part Of the Team that retrieves it from the Jos Donvil, chief executive officer of the company For. Later, he held a press conference suggested. Bpost is looking for a new chief executive officer since Van Gerven, had indicated that he was not a candidate for a new term.

The company is responsible for the heavy-duty challenges. In America, for the acquisition of it services company Radial, continue on the right track to be. In Belgium, Bpost is to answer the rapidly declining volumes for letter mail. This will be in the coming years, a new postbedelingsronde entered.

part Of the Team, it was in the past also been mentioned as a possible chief executive officer of the RAILWAY. It is the looncriteria, and it is also the right taalrol. As a result the French president, Bpost, Francois Cornelis, president of continue to be.

More about Bpost Undertakers are angry at Bpost: “Five of the deaths, but no one was given a letter of” Hundreds of so-called yellow shirts’ block distribution of the bpost at Fleurus, the Stamp is even more expensive, Just for 650,000 euros each year. “Disability,” says The Clerk