A man under the spotlight and criticism. Jean-Marc Morandini was revealed to the public on television in the 1980s. During this period, he presented information to the FR3 Midi-Pyrénées newscast, before becoming a journalist and special correspondent on La Cinq at the end of the decade.

After a parenthesis as a columnist at Télématin, Jean-Marc Morandini achieved notoriety in 1993 with Everything is possible on TF1. A sensational and controversial program mixing “ass, anguish, tears”, as he would have described it in a book. An unmissable meeting of the PAF where the host will dive into the intimacy and the crazy stories of anonymous and famous witnesses (like Lolo Ferrari) until 1997.

As adored as decried, Jean-Marc Morandini has aroused many criticisms of him with this type of voyeuristic broadcasts. A paradox for this host who has always taken care to avoid confiding in his private life. Guest of the program Tout le monde en parle, broadcast in 2003 on France 2, he faced indiscreet questions from presenter Thierry Ardisson.

“I’m wondering if I was right to come to this show”, quipped Jean-Marc Morandini when questioned by the husband of journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara, before willingly lending himself to the game of questions and answers. And, to answer in particular this question of the famous man in black. “What have you done Jean-Marc Morandini that we don’t know about?”. The host and producer then retorted. “I don’t know… Everything about my private life, you don’t know it and I think it’s better that way”.

If Jean-Marc Morandini preferred not to dwell on his “good works” in the media, he nevertheless does not hesitate to slip, smirk, having done “plenty” of bad deeds (see the video interview below). above). 20 years later, this testimony takes on another meaning when we know that the presenter of Morandini Live on CNEWS has been involved in several legal cases.

And, rare are his statements and the photos of his relatives that the ex-star of Europe 1 shares on his social networks…