Jean-Luc Reichmann: discover his family album


Jean-Luc Reichmann, the famous host of 12 Coups de midi, has a sister named Marie-Laure, deaf from birth. The latter, nine years her junior, studied dental prosthetism at the age of 20, as our colleagues from Gala recalled. Very close to each other, the host said about his disability: “I understood at eleven that what I have, with my difference, a stain on my nose, is absolutely nothing. next to my sister’s disability. It forged my character”.

Aware of the cause of the hearing impaired, the TF1 star fought for his television passages to be subtitled, in particular following an event that marked him. “When I returned to Toulouse, I realized that my sister didn’t understand anything I was saying on TV,” he said. Since then, Jean-Luc Reichmann has added a clause to his contracts so that his broadcasts can be followed by everyone. “It has become the rule. I am very proud of this fight. It gives meaning to my life,” he continued.

In the Daily program, presented by Yann Bathès, the host had revealed that he had changed his intonation in his series Léo Mattéï. “I think she helped me find the right timbre, the right intonation, the right word too because she reads lips too. There, she is looking at us. Because in addition thank you, your show is subtitled. She told me there. I received a text. She said to me: ‘Besides, it’s subtitled, it’s great’. So I kiss my little sister Marie-Laure and thank you to all your teams”.

Planet invites you to discover his lovely family album in our slideshow.