At 71, the famous singer Jean-Jacques Goldman is the proud father of six children. First married to Catherine Morlet, he had three children with her: Caroline, Michael and Nina. Divorced in 1997, he rebuilt his life in the arms of a woman named Nathalie with whom he has three daughters: Maya, Kimi and Rose.

If the last three children of the interpreter of There are not known, his first three are them. Indeed, his eldest daughter Caroline became a child psychologist like her mother. In August 2022, she had also been talked about during her visit to France Inter in the podcast Sous le soleil de Platon. Her second daughter Nina, would be a pediatrician. According to information from Nice-Matin, relayed by Closer, she would have married her companion in all discretion in Antibes in September 2013. Finally, her son Michael is the one who is most talked about and for good reason. Like his father, the 43-year-old got into music. He is the co-founder of the label My Major Compagny but that’s not all since he also founded the site Tipeee in 2013.

Soon, the televiewers will be brought to discover it more fully since it was named director… of the Star Academy. A proposal from Endemol which surprised him as he had confided in the columns of Parisian. “It seemed to me to be a huge turning point for the show because I’m not really the type to settle problems of atmosphere between the students or the punctuality of the candidates. On the other hand, I have a real musical experience since I’ve been in this industry for twenty years,” he said. What will be his role in the tele-hook of TF1?

The son of Jean-Jacques Goldman assures that he would be himself. “Anyway, I can’t do anything else, but with the students and the teachers, we’re going to be in the same boat, we’ll all win if this show is successful, so the bonuses are great, the performances are good. . It’s our responsibility.” You will be able to discover it on October 15, the launch date of the 10th season presented by Nikos on TF1.

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