Jean Gabin: what did the legendary 72-year-old actor die of?


Les Miserables, A Monkey in Winter, The Quai des Mists… These are the films that allowed actor Jean Gabin to become one of the emblematic actors of French cinema. This father of three children, born of his third union with Dominique Fournier, left an indelible mark even after his death.

His son Mathias Moncorgé had delivered an astonishing anecdote about his relationship with Alain Delon on the set of the film The clan of the Sicilians in the columns of Télé Star. “My parents were to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary and Alain Delon had to screw up. He wanted his name to be first on the poster and that pissed off dad, who was no longer in a festive mood. “, he had declared and to add: “Lino Ventura, who adored my father, learned it and tumbled to Rome, when he was not filming there. He went to see Alain Delon and threatened to stick one on him if he continued his whims”.

Already a victim of health problems on the set of the feature film Two Men in the City, Jean Gabin died on November 15, 1976 at the age of 72 from leukemia at the American hospital in Neully-sur-Seine. . His funeral took place two days after his disappearance. According to his last wishes, he was cremated in the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. His ashes were then transferred to Brest to be scattered at sea.

On November 19, a ceremony took place aboard the aviso Détroyat (a small ship) in the presence of his wife, his children as well as several personalities including Alain Delon, Gilles Grangier and Odette Ventura. His ashes were then scattered in the Iroise Sea.