Télématin presenter and joker for Laurent Delahousse for the weekend 8 p.m. newscast, Jean-Baptiste Marteau is a face now well known to France 2 viewers. For more than ten years, he has been in a relationship with Bruno, his companion and husband for many years now.

The two men are the happy fathers of a 3-year-old girl named Colette, born on August 9, 2019. A real little star on the journalist’s social networks, she is unfortunately a collateral target of her father’s cyber stalkers.

This Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the documentary Homos en France will be broadcast at 9:10 p.m. on France 2. Viewers will thus be able to find the testimony of Jean-Baptiste Marteau on the homophobia he suffers on a daily basis.

“I receive insults and threats very regularly. I have filed several complaints, because I do not let anything pass”, he explained in October in the columns of Télé-Loisirs. If he takes a step back when it concerns him. “It affects me more when these threats are aimed at my daughter Colette […]. I take them very seriously. It is important for me that she evolves in a more tolerant world”, he confided.

If he received a lot of hatred because of his homosexuality, Jean-Baptiste Marteau, however, was able to count on the support of his mother. On the set of C à vous, he recalled the moment he came out to her:

“It’s never an easy moment… Me, she had a very strong reaction saying ‘I knew it!’ We were in a restaurant and she was almost screaming! But you have to understand that at that moment- that’s not rejection at all. […] She says to herself, ‘I lived in an environment with a lot of friends who were gay, in a fashion environment.’ were socially isolated, rejected, insulted, had no rights and she was scared.”

For him, this reaction was completely legitimate and justified. “Most parents, when we come out to them, they are afraid for their child. […] They don’t want their daughter or their son to have this life, this marginalized life, and therefore the first reaction is fear. Then, indeed afterwards, it relaxes!”, he explains.

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