Due to an attack on the supposed Lover of his wife, a 57 old man, is since Wednesday in front of the regional court in Kassel. At the trial the man said to want to speak. His statement to the court was delayed but first of all, because one of the reviewers was delayed. The accused is said to have rammed in 2017, in Eschwege in Werra-Meißner-Kreis with his car, the vehicle of 58-year-old victim. Then he struck, according to the office of the public Prosecutor of the disc and stabbed the man with a knife.

The victim was seriously injured. The indictment is for attempted murder out of base motives, dangerous bodily harm and dangerous interference in road traffic.

According to prosecutors, the 57-year-old Ukrainians had already set in 2016 in the head, that his wife had an affair with the later victims. He had re-enacted the victims of a judicial restraining order obtained. According to the report, the defendant at the time may have been incompetent, he is currently in a psychiatric hospital. Until the end of February five further negotiations are scheduled appointments.