Putting Glitter in the Festival-Goers’ Evening

ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE – As the headliners are about to arrive, the Gaalgebierg Park in Esch is slowly filling up for the Francofolies. Festival-goers have plenty to keep themselves entertained with the various stands available. Music can already be heard in the parking lots at the entrance of the city. Esch-sur-Alzette is in celebration mode. With a metal rhythm, the park is slowly filling up before transitioning to a rap stage. It is under this theme that the festival kicks off. Gradually, festival-goers settle in and try to get as close to the stage as possible before La Fève takes the spotlight.

Once again this year, the festival offers around ten stands, forming a mini-village with numerous activities, including a “photobooth” that has a massive line forming. Upon arrival, you can get your makeup done by Sara Badia, a makeup artist followed by over 100,000 people on Instagram. “Without bragging, I am the star stand. Last year, there was a 2.5-hour wait. I put glitter in the festival-goers’ evening,” she explains. She usually does makeup for famous artists or actors for the cinema and showcases herself on her social media by recreating artwork on her body, which serves as her canvas. “A little necessary information, my glitter is biodegradable,” a fact that will surely be shared with Ines Reg.

Sweat-Induced Smoothies
There’s nothing like a smoothie made through sweat. Once again this year, festival-goers can find the “foodsharing” stand and its famous pedal-powered blender. “We collected several unsold items for the festival to offer smoothies to those who wish,” explains Alexandre, one of the organizers. The stand’s particularity? The smoothies are blended using a bike powered by the festival-goers themselves. “We want to raise awareness by showing people that energy doesn’t come from nowhere. Here, you have to pedal to get your smoothie,” he adds. A fun and ecological way to enjoy a drink while becoming aware of the effort needed to produce energy.

Come cool off while having fun, and take this opportunity to discover the pleasure of a homemade smoothie, through the power of your legs.