Jarred Kelenic Shows Improvement as Braves Stay Positive for Postseason

ATLANTA — Jarred Kelenic had a rough start to the season, hitting .164 and striking out 25 times in a 22-game stretch. Despite this, the Braves remained positive thanks to a message from a mental performance coach they met with before the season started. The coach emphasized that they were preparing for October and didn’t need to peak early in the season.

While the Braves would prefer to be leading in offensive categories, they believe it’s better to slump early than late in the season. They are focused on improving and being at their best in the playoffs. Kelenic, who is now on a hot streak, is a key player in this strategy.

Since taking over in left field, Kelenic has been performing well at the plate and in the field. He has shown improvement in his swing and setup, leading to better results in recent games. His defense has also been outstanding, making him a valuable asset to the team.

Overall, the Braves are optimistic about their chances in the postseason, despite facing tough competition in the NL East. They believe that by staying focused and continuing to improve, they will be playing their best baseball when it matters most in October.

(Photo of Jarred Kelenic: Michael Reaves / Getty Images)


Jarred Kelenic, a Wisconsin native and former Mets first-round draft pick, has shown significant improvement in his performance for the Atlanta Braves. At just 25 years old, he has already made a name for himself in the MLB with his skills both at the plate and in the field. Kelenic’s dedication to making adjustments and improvements has been a key factor in his success, and his teammates are confident in his abilities to contribute to the team’s success in the postseason.