Nation in Corona-emergency – Japan pays the price for his Hesitation In hospitals and emergency rooms, you can feel gradually Overwhelmed. For too long the government has displaced the risk of Covid-19. Thomas Hahn from Tokio39 Kommentare39Hat for too long, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to wait: at a press conference in Tokyo. Photo: Kiyoshi Ota (Reuters)

at The Toyoko Inn is near to the Tokyo station gets you these days only with Coronavirus a room. Tokyo’s prefectural government has leased the business hotel, where up to 100 people to accommodate isolated, the lung disease Covid-have 19 captured, but only mild or no symptoms. With certain medical conditions should not stay at home, even if the Virus will harm you very much. to save

To the hospital beds, there were in Tokyo, even the idea of the Olympic village the moved the summer games to use as isolation ward. But then it was decided however, for Hotels. Necessary, the alternate quarters are, in any case, because the Corona of a crisis is become with a bit of delay is quite large in the country.

The dark figure of the Corona cases in Japan is extremely high, because only severe suspected cases were tested.Photo: Reuters

Japan Coronavirus career from an unassuming patients to the Nation in a state of emergency is for outsiders to be a mystery. A few weeks ago, the right-wing conservative Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is widely used at the highest diplomatic level that the Olympic games could take place as planned this summer in Tokyo.

the professionals were amazed that of all the outdated China-neighboring Japan had to pay in the World, a low Infection. Europe and the United States were already tens of thousands of dead, as you praised yourself to wear in the island state for its effective hygiene culture with Mask and without shaking hands.

Well possible, that Abe believed that his policies had contributed to the interim balance sheet, which is still on 25. March 1299 infections and 44 deaths confirmed earlier. For Cancellations, reminders, School and other closures as well as one of Abe personally driven emergency law extension should be quite have been contributions to the anti-Virus.

The number of unreported cases is particularly large –

But in the meantime, the Numbers are quite different. On Sunday evening you were at 10’620 confirmed infections and 222 dead. This is still little compared to many other countries. However, Japan’s health authorities have until recently only people on the novel Coronavirus testing, in which they felt it necessary, people with severe symptoms, or their contact persons. A little more than 112’000 people are therefore, so far only on Covid-19 has been tested five times less than in the much smaller neighboring country of South Korea. The dark figure in Japan is particularly large.

According to the news Agency AP has rejected a man with fever and shortness of breath from eighty hospitals before the paramedics found for him.

In hospitals and emergency rooms, you can feel gradually Overwhelmed. Already on 6. April explained to the Association for acute medicine and the society for emergency medicine in a Statement: “The first character of the medical collapse is the collapse of the emergency medical system, and this has already become a reality.” Media report that emergency services have problems, people with Covid-19-symptoms accommodate.

According to the news Agency AP has rejected a man with fever and shortness of breath from eighty hospitals before the paramedics found for him. Osamu Nishida, head of the Japanese society of intensive care medicine, points out that in Japan, on 100’000 people, only five intensive care beds to come. Less than in Italy (twelve), where many of the deaths have something to do with the limited medical possibilities. To expect to be a “very fast, an Overshoot of deaths,” says Nishida.

Shinzo Abe hesitated too long

And Abe’s style of government does not contribute to calm. Early on, he has spoken of, to take the crisis seriously, but it was followed by more of his instincts as a human being. Already for a long time scientists like Kenji Shibuya, head of the Institute for public health at King’s College in London to demand that Japan must expand the Coronavirus-Tests according to the example of South Korea so that you can search more Diseased without symptoms and transmission routes could better understand.

The Abe government has not responded. Because she was afraid of numbers due to the Olympic high case? But as the games were moved and the infection numbers suddenly increased, had Abe still hesitant. Two weeks ago, he declared a state of emergency for seven out of 47 prefectures. Prompt other prefectures, claimed a state of emergency for also reported. And with Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, there was a dispute, because she wanted to take in the meaning of health into account to the Abe’s economic concerns.

Recently, the Komei party, the small coalition partner of Abe’s LDP party rebelled even against the policy of the Prime Minister. Abe wanted to distribute 300’000 Yen (2560 Euro) crisis assistance to certain families. The Komei party wanted 100’000 for each Person in the country. She prevailed, Shinzo Abe apologized for the confusion, and again all could see: The policy of the government just not working.

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