Langemark-Poelkapelle –

Louise Ryckeboer, West-Flanders, a young woman of 21, which came out in december of 2017, in order to live after an accident. Her life’s motto: “Whatever happens, keep smiling.” Trying to her family and also to the memory of Louise, in honour of love. Mother, Jane Entered, takes you to the gravesite of her daughter and talks about how she copes with the loss. “It’s the first anniversary of her death, you will live as a happy family,” she said. “Your lives, because you have no other option. But they lived to be happy, and don’t want to have to stop living.”

More about that by any chance? The controversial arrest: an agent shows a police dog will still attack you after the defendant was going to surrender, here are the first pictures of the brand new series ‘Hello Christmas’ Suspect goes unnoticed, from the court during the debate, John Bercow is fighting against the tears on the last day as chairman of the house of Commons