Jane Birkin: this physical particularity that obsessed Serge Gainsbourg


Between Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, it’s Je t’aime… moi non plus! From their crush at the end of the sixties, they formed a flagship couple making the headlines in the 1970s. The parents of Charlotte Gainsbourg nevertheless experienced ups and downs in their relationship. “With my mother, they put themselves in a lot of trouble, I have fond memories of it, and she was not left out”, confided the spouse of Yvan Attal to Télérama in February 2021.

Despite their separation in 1980, Jane Birkin was a great muse for singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. As she makes her return to music with an unpublished compilation of her hits and an upcoming tour, the Franco-British returned to their romance, this September 15, in the pages of L’Obs.

“Anyway, I was an inspiration to Serge, there are some things he wouldn’t have written for someone else, including ‘Je t’aime moi non plus ‘. I’m talking about the film, not the song since it was intended for Brigitte Bardot”.

The opportunity for the septuagenarian to make revelations about the physical preferences of her ex-companion who disappeared in 1991. “Serge said that the breasts scared him, he adored androgynous physique, which he already painted at the Beaux-Arts”, she said, admitting that her “androgynous personality represented an ideal”.

Before attending “Gainsbarre”, Jane Birkin shared the life of English musician John Barry, the father of her eldest daughter Kate. She even slipped this funny anecdote about their meeting to our colleagues. “When I met John Barry, I feared his disappointment when he realized that my bra was stuffed with cotton”, revealed the star, honored this September 16 in a documentary on France 3.

This is not the first time that Jane Birkin has spoken about her private life. In her diary Munkey Diaries, published by Fayard editions in October 2018, she notably revealed her naughty obsessions. “How I wish I didn’t think about sex anymore, but I’m only 20 and only did it for two years, including one year when I was pregnant and John wouldn’t touch me.”

And, to continue without filter. “I can’t believe I’m a sex maniac, I’m sure I’m not the type, but it’s starting to become a thing of mine now.”