Jan Bakelants finished on Sunday at the uci road world championships, together with Senne Leysen, in the mixed team time trial, after Frederik, but they all asked for last year. “We have done our best to minimize the damage,” he said. “The more we couldn’t do it. It is convenient to Frederick, but the illness may be, you have little remedy.”

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“I’m very happy that I was able to take part in it,” said Bakelants. “In Belgium, you will have a better time trialists. So I was a bit taken aback by the question, or I guess it could have been, but I have found this to be a lot of fun, and give it a chance. It is not a priori doomed to. Of course, it is a pity, however, that the team time trial merkenteams, therefore, is to be deleted. That’s a prestigeslag under the ball, and it gave you the opportunity to train for those events and for the grand tours. Both games were next to each other and can co-exist.”

“a Lot of running and”

in The mixed team time trial, took the local round of the road race, will need to be done. “I thought it was fun . However, I do think it is a very dangerous circuit, especially in the wet is located. But it’s a bit of a standard here (laughs). It’s a lot of twisting and turning, it is well suited for Mathieu van der Poel. It is not for nothing that he is going to participate in it. You really have to be a pilot at some points. And it Was a pilot, and he and his agility is a lot of energy to save. And it is not the only one. We will be in the race, and we have seen it: it has been more than a year”, it was decided Bakelants.

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