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The president of the Chamber of Commerce of the united States in Spain, is Jaime Malet (Barcelona, 1964) believes that policies which approves Spain in the next few months will determine the economy of the country during the next few years. The entrepreneur, who will be re-elected today as president of the Chamber until 2023, denied in an interview with ABC’s “to approve new taxes” as the rate Google, which can unleash “new trade retaliation”. In addition, it advocates for creating an image of concentration” between entrepreneurs and political forces from the majority. Otherwise, he warns, “it is unemployment and misery”.

How has been affected by the crisis of the coronavirus to the american investment in Spain?

The crisis has accelerated trends that already existed: the breaking of the chains of value, the reduction of globalization, trade wars, populism… in the case of investment, the trend passes by betting on risk assets with a lot of profitability or asset quality. is Spain you can become one or the other. On the one hand the risk premium is not increasing significantly and we are within the EU. But we still have to see what decisions are taken on fiscal policy, where we do not have margin. Therefore Spain has to develop a sort of business plan to attract investment and guarantee the receipt of funds on the part of Brussels.